Nicolet Bible Institute

Tuition & Fees

Paying for School












Total Cost



Spending Money (Suggested)




*Tuition and Fees subject to change. Prices for the following school year are set in December. Costs and fees are able to be kept to a minimum due to the sharing of resources with Silver Birch Ranch.

** Add $300/semester for gluten-free option.

Every application must be accompanied by a $25 non-refundable fee that will not be applied towards the costs listed above.

Students who enroll at Nicolet Bible Institute, as evidenced by the receipt of the $100 deposit, are considered to have entered into a legally binding contract unless they withdraw from the program.

A $100 Room Deposit is due upon acceptance into the program. It will be non-refundable if the student chooses not to attend the program. The deposit is refunded upon departure from the program if the student’s balance is fully paid.

Nicolet Bible Institute reserves the right to add appropriate fines to student accounts to cover any damage to housing or any other property and/or equipment.

Students are not covered by workers compensation or health insurance while attending Nicolet Bible Institute.

The spending money listed is a suggested amount and will not be billed or provided out of the Nicolet Bible Institute fees.

Students who withdraw from the program before the completion of the semester will be responsible for all costs for that semester unless they file written notice of their withdrawal with the Dean of Student Development. The date of student's written withdrawal notice will determine their liability for program costs as listed below:

Prior to start of classes: 100% refund (excluding deposit)
Within first week of classes: 75% refund
Within 30 days after first class: 50% refund
After 30 days has elapsed: no refund

Students who are dismissed are responsible for costs based on a prorated scale of all fees for the program determined by the date of dismissal.