Nicolet Bible Institute

Tim Brown

2009-2010 Student

Tim Brown

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I was a student during the 2009-2010 NBI year. In addition, I stayed on as an intern the following year. I also met my beautiful wife, Abiah, during my time at NBI. 

After completing NBI, I went on to complete my studies at Moody Bible Institute, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry and Biblical Studies with honors. I now have the blessing to be serving as a youth pastor intern for Grace Bible Church in Elmhurst, IL, while Abiah and I continue to search for a position in camp ministry

Before NBI, my high school years were filled with blind anger towards myself and others. I was lost and confused. I wanted help, but did not know where to look. God answered my prayer through the NBI program. Never before had I witnessed lives so committed to knowing Christ and making Him known to the world. 

Through significant relationships forged in the dorm, hands-on-ministry experience, and classroom instruction, I began to understand the purpose of life and joy found in Christ. Dorm life was a blast and the staff exemplified discipleship in love. The combination of classroom academics and camp work experience (including a summer with Canadian Adventure) prepared me for a life of servanthood. When I consider how I teach, disciple, and serve at my church today, I realize the significant role the staff at NBI has had upon my life. I have much gratitude and admiration for how the staff at NBI have poured into my life (and many lives) the importance of practical Christianity. 

When I entered NBI, I was clueless about my purpose in life and direction. Upon completion of the program, I knew I wanted to serve the Lord. To this day, I still remain in close contact with staff and former students. NBI was an incredible blessing and a practical learning experience. The time I spent at NBI shaped me into the man I am today.