Nicolet Bible Institute


Why Nicolet Bible Institute?

Sending a son or daughter off to college requires a great deal of thought and prayer. Two factors that need to be considered when choosing are 1) who will be teaching, molding, shaping my child and 2) what program or plan do they have to offer.

The staff and instructors at Nicolet Bible Institute are Godly men and women who have a personal relationship with Jesus and desire to use their areas of expertise to reinforce, challenge, and extend the faith of the students who come. Because of the intimate size of the program, personal attention can be given to every student.

The program at Nicolet provides intense Biblical training, not just the “what,” but also the “why.” The curriculum also provides instruction in finding God’s call. Using Gallup’s StrengthsFinder and other assessment tools, students learn how they are hard-wired and develop a sense of direction and purpose for their lives. The remote campus setting assists students in hearing God’s voice by removing them from the many distractions of urban life. Academic knowledge is just one aspect of the program. Putting legs to what is learned in the classroom holds equal value. Students have the opportunity to learn to serve in the active, year ‘round ministry of Silver Birch Ranch giving them invaluable experience in living out their faith.

Due to the fact that Nicolet is a one-year college program, standard academic accreditation is not available. Instead, Nicolet has garnered recognition among four-year, Christian, liberal arts colleges with written agreements for the transfer of up to 35 credits.

Another factor in selecting a college is cost. Nicolet is able to keep its costs at a minimum due to the sharing of resources with Silver Birch Ranch. Those savings are reflected in the more affordable costs of tuition, room, and board.

Nicolet is a solid option for those considering post-high school, Christian education – helping your child take the next step in their journey of faith.