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Hello Class of 2019!

"Hey Y'all!  We are your new hosts for the NBI class of 2019!!!"   


"I'm Jordan!"

 "And I'm Destiny!" 


"We are this year's NBI Resident Assistants, and we get the privilege of living with, serving alongside, and encouraging the new students who moved in on Sunday." 


We started this week by moving in 23 young men and women who bravely took the next step in their relationship with Jesus by moving to camp. This year, as NBI students, they will experience foundational Bible courses, unique community, and countless opportunities to serve in multiple ways. Since their arrival, they have been going nonstop. Orientation Week has been loaded with information on life at Silver Birch Ranch and Nicolet Bible Institute. 

We started off by welcoming the students and their families with an introduction dinner and a challenge from the Word. Dave Wager set the tone for the year by sharing about keeping it simple. Our theme is this:  "There is one God. You are not Him, and you need to listen to Him." It has been interesting to see how often this theme of "keeping it simple" has been displayed throughout our Orientation Week. Praise the Lord! 

A huge aspect of NBI is service. Throughout this year the students will participate in helping run Silver Birch Ranch for weekend retreats, serving the local area through outside ministries, and actively loving their fellow students as they grow together this year. To begin, we discussed being workmen for Christ and how that looks in a camp setting specifically. That day we introduced the students to the Wolf River Refuge, a sub-ministry of Silver Birch Ranch. They quickly learned the physical side of serving through splitting wood, digging trenches, transplanting trees, and clearing brush. This was new to many of the students, some of whom grew up in urban areas. It was fun to watch how God has already been working in them by giving them joyful attitudes and a willingness to work hard. Praise the Lord! 

The following day they began their morning with a solo time meant to slow things down and recenter on their purpose for being here. The students were instructed to spend at least an hour alone with God, establishing personal goals for this year by seeking Him through prayer and the Word. After this time, we gathered together to hear what God put on their hearts. It was awesome to listen as some of the students opened up to the group about where they are at spiritually and where they would like to be. This, as always, was incredibly encouraging to be a part of and to observe God at work in the hearts of these young men and women. Praise the Lord! 

We are SO excited to watch God at work this coming year in the lives of these students!!! Our prayer for them is that they will have open, teachable hearts, to be unified as a student body, that they walk in the light, and that God gives them an unending passion for the Word, the Gospel, and His glory. Amen. Praise the Lord!