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Sharing In Your Testimony

Hello again! Sorry that it has been a while since the last posting . Life at camp goes crazy fast, and things tend to be a bit busy. The students have been here for two months and are quickly approaching their winter break in four short weeks. Since we have had plenty of time to think about it, today we are going to look at the importance of sharing testimonies.

Every year to kick off our student Chapel sessions, each student gets an opportunity to tell the story of God’s grace and continuing work in their lives. Public speaking about personal experiences with a group of people you barely know is not always the easiest thing to do, however, we keep this as a requirement for the students because we recognize the importance of declaring God’s glory, effectively presenting the Gospel through testimonies, and learning more about each student.  Also, what an awesome opportunity for our staff, interns, mentors, and other students to be encouraged by the power of God’s work in individuals’ lives! Praise the Lord!

We heard about pain, brokenness, and dysfunction, yet the restoring work of the Gospel in the student’s lives was evident though who God has shaped them to be today. It’s amazing that no matter the past someone has come from, their testimony is powerful simply because it is a declaration of a dead person coming back to life, a sinner being completely forgiven, and an enemy of God being adopted into His family. Praise the Lord!

It was incredible to witness the students come together as they recognized that they share common life experience. There is something crazy awesome about learning people’s burdens and delights, and to see how God has used every part of their stories to bring them to Himself. This time of sharing also serves to be instrumental in binding the class together as a family. Praise the Lord!

We see a great example of the power of simply sharing a testimony in John 4. In this passage, a Samaritan woman has a life altering encounter with Jesus. During her time with Him, Jesus teaches her that true satisfaction and life can only be found in Him. Next, Jesus shows her His divine power, and reveals that He is the Messiah. After telling her that the Father is seeking people to worship Him in spirit and truth, the woman leaves. When she returns to the town she came from, she tells the people the truth that Jesus had shown her, and she invites them to come and see for themselves. Verse 39 says this: “Many Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of the woman’s testimony.” However, in verses 41 and 42 we see that it is in their personal encounters with Jesus that they come to believe that He is the Savior. God used her testimony in huge ways, but it is always His work that brings people to salvation. Praise the Lord!

It was super cool to hear the students share their testimonies, and it is a privilege to watch them continue to grow. Praise the Lord!