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Introducing The Class of 2018

Truth. Truth is the NBI theme for this year. It stands for Telling, Ruthless, Unchanging, Tenacious, and Hopeful. In our society today, people do not accept truths as ultimate. The result of this is confusion, suicide, anxiety, depression, chaos, selfishness, and lack of responsibility for one’s actions. Here at Nicolet Bible Institute we stand by the truths of God’s Holy Word. All year long the students will be hearing, reading, and talking about these truths. Our goal is for them to leave here solid in the truths that God has given us as the ultimate by which we should live. If our society was made up of young people like this, we would live in an entirely different world.  


We are in week one of the 2017-2018 NBI year. This class’ dynamic looks a little different from recent years in that there are only a total of sixteen students - eight girls and eight guys. This means that each gender is able to live in one housing unit together. This has proven to be very beneficial in the bonding of relationships between the students. With no separation of housing and with fewer students, the bonds of friendships have begun to form quickly. Our hope and prayer is that this will only continue in the right direction as the year goes on. 


This week was one full of introductions, orientations, and many new things of all kinds. The students had many things to learn in preparation for running the Labor Day Retreat this weekend with over 300 people at Silver Birch. They took all of this input of information very well by asking many questions and always being attentive to those speaking up front.  

The students also started classes this week. This semester they will be taking Missions and Evangelism, Old Testament Survey, Christian Theology, Personal Development, and Church History. With the initial heavy load of books and syllabi, we noticed a bit of stress developing amongst the students. This is typical, and usually only lasts until they can get into a routine with the schedule and an understanding in what is expected of them. 

Part of orientation week is a class service project. This year the service project was at the Wolf River Refuge, which is a property owned by Silver Birch Ranch a few miles away. Before the project began the important differences between work and service was emphasized. Work leaves an unsettling taste in our mouths that implies an obligation, labor, difficulty, and is motivated by money. Serving comes with a willing attitude, selflessness, joy, and fulfillment. We want this to be the mindset of the students not only for this week, but for all the weeks to come as they serve in various areas at camp. 

In conclusion, this first week of NBI has been busy, educational, and fun. Daniel Jao, one of the students said this: “Honestly, I could not have asked for a better first week of college. The people I have gotten to know, the classes I have taken, and the general experience has just been amazing.” Please be praying for the students as they continue in this amazing adventure at Nicolet Bible Institute.