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New Dorms - Better Community - Amazing Provision

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The community environment of NBI is very important to the overall experience for the students. This can be drastically affected by their roommates, dorm mates, and the hang-out spaces provided within their dorms. We have recognized that housing and dorm life is a common concern for most parents and students. Parents want to be sure their student will have a comfortable place to live away from home, and students want something new, fun, and cozy.  

If you are not familiar with the current housing set up, let us enlighten you. We have two modified cabin-sized housing units for each gender. This means that when we have a full class, both genders must be spit up into different located dorms. These dorms do not all have full-sized kitchens, easily accessible laundry facilities, or much lounging space. Most importantly, it has been a theme throughout the years that a unified community between the separate dorms can be a challenge.

Our staff is working hard to build brand new dorms for our future students. In general, the goal of this project is to encourage unity amongst the students. These uniquely designed dorms provide wonderful benefits to student life. They will be much larger, which allows for all the ladies to be in one building together, and the same for the guys. The new dorms will be much more convenient for the students. With an updated living space, laundry facility, and a full kitchen, students will have most of their necessities for living at their fingertips.

Having a large hang-out area within these new dorms encourages a family atmosphere. This large space will allow for more group activities and easier communication between students. The goal is to bring them together to create a larger community of unified students, instead of splitting them into different housing units. The new dorms will be such a blessing to NBI, and we are beyond excited to see it incorporated into the program. We are confident that God will do great things through this project.

This was our first episode of SBR Insider where Jason and Todd talk about the new dorm and the progress that has been made!

We are amazed at how God is using the skills of our employees to bring down the cost of building the new dorm.  Commercially, it would cost us between $140 to $150 per square foot to build.  But, when we use our own labor (full-time employees and volunteers) and purchasing power, we are able to build the dorm for around $50 to $60 per square foot.  Even though we can build so economically, we still need to raise about $50,000 to complete the current dorm, and another $250,000 to complete the second dorm that is planned.  We are waiting on God to finalize this project. That is what living by faith is all about.