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What is NBI???


So what is NBI? NBI is a year to learn, grasp, and observe how Christ can affect us every day, and how we can surrender our lives to His supremacy, and in turn, let Him rule in our lives. You learn from wise men, in classes such as Ethics, Theology, Evangelism, Church History, Old and New Testament Survey, and Personal Development. Classes are the head knowledge, and the time and place to think about things you never considered about God, angels, demons, humanity, sin, death, and pain. The classes are designed to make you dive deeper and struggle with what absolute truth is--not what we want the truth to be, but what God says is truth.  You grasp it in the serving on the weekends and in those hard talks we need to have with people, when the truth is told in love.  You see it in the full-time staff, men and women who have been doing this ministry for ten, twenty, thirty plus years, and are still going strong. You see the passion for Jesus and the fervent passion for following His commands, fishing for men.

Our goal as the RA's are simple. We strive to drive the students of whom we oversee to become more like Christ through showing them that Christ is enough for them-- not almost enough, pretty good, decent, or all right, but more than enough! You see, without Christ the whole of the Bible is left powerless. The Gospel would become instead that we will be judged by a fair, honest, and holy God, and He might not let us be thrown into the same cells as the demons in Hell. At SBR and NBI we focus on Christ and the true and complete Gospel.  The undeniable truth is that God, out of His love for the creatures He created in His own image, sent His Son to be the perfect atoning sacrifice for us. The truth is that we offer God nothing. “For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved be by his life.” (Romans 5:10)

So, what is NBI? If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you already know all of the facts about NBI, or at least that’s what you may think. You know that it’s a one-year Bible program in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at Silver Birch Ranch. You might know that the students serve in most areas of camp on the weekends. They run the zip line and wrangle horses, both of which will test them. They are both high-risk activities that they need to become masters at. This will grow them into not only leaders, but also followers, who must trust and work together to make camp operate smoothly.  In the kitchen and the Canteen, the student learns how to prepare and cook food properly, and how to manage their time in those fast-paced and demanding environments.  Looking at this image of what you think Nicolet Bible Institute is all about would only be seeing a dim reflection in a mirror of what NBI is really about. The true hope of NBI is to show the supremacy of Christ in the world as a whole and in our very own lives.
Nicolet Bible Institute is about getting to know God, and therefore learning how to love God, and love people better.