Nicolet Bible Institute

Jameson Ross

2001-2002 Student

Jameson Ross

During my final year of high school I was exploring several opportunities for a four-year college education. The problem was I wasn’t convinced that spending both time and money on a four-year degree was the wisest option at the time because I didn’t know what my focus was going to be while there. (It also didn’t help that I didn’t get accepted where I hoped I would.)

While serving at SBR one summer, I was introduced to Nicolet Bible Institute. It seemed like it would serve as a time to study the Bible, Theology, Ministry, and to reflect upon next steps. This is exactly what it ended up being for me.

While at Nicolet I was able to participate in both camping ministry and local church minis- try. I was able to engage with my peers as we served together, worked hard together, learned together, and thought about what God wanted us to do long term. I was also able to develop relationships with our teachers, learning from them in the classroom and seeing them apply it day-to-day (family life, ministry at camp, ministry in the local church, etc.), which connected a lot of dots for me with regard to practical implications to our learning.

I left Nicolet, attended Moody Bible Institute, leaving with a degree in Biblical Studies, and began serving at Christ Community Church in St. Charles, Illinois. I have been on staff in Student Ministries for nearly eight years. 

My year at Nicolet Bible Institute was formative in my discipleship. I’m thankful that God graciously allowed me the opportunity to attend.