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Canvas Learning Management System

In today's modern fast-paced teaching, we realize it is hard to stay on track and remain organized with your work. That's why we offer a simple and easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) for our students. The LMS we offer is called Canvas.

Canvas is very easy to navigate and allows you to see upcoming due dates at a glance!

Every student will create a Canvas account with their NBI email they received after getting accepted into the program. 
If you find using Canvas a little tricky, please utilize the general Canvas Tutorials on this page.


Canvas introduction

In this video you will get an overview of what Canvas looks like, how to navigate Canvas, as well as how to use some general features Canvas has. 


This video will go over where you can find your assignments and when they are due. It will go over the calendar feature will help you see what you have coming up each month.

How to submit An Assignment

This video will show you how to submit an assignment for a class. Each class may be a little different in how they ask you to submit assignments. If you don't see the option to submit an assignment, there is usually the option to "Mark as Done" in place of the "Submit Assignment" button.