Nicolet Bible Institute

Campus Life

Life at Nicolet Bible Institute

Nicolet Bible Institute offers a great setting with its location immediately adjacent to both Sawyer Lake and the Nicolet National Forest. Students have excellent opportunities to enjoy the Northwoods that surround its campus. The recreational possibilities are virtually unlimited. Fishing, hiking, biking, skiing, skating, horseback riding, swimming, boating, hunting, and more are all available right in our backyard.

Because NBI is such a dynamic setting, we work hard to create an atmosphere where interaction among students and staff is maximized. In order to foster this atmosphere, we do not allow TVs in the student dorm, the watching of non-Christian movies, or playing of secular music. Students find that this helps them move toward interaction with each other and deepens their friendships.

Students will be immersed in the active year-round camping ministry of Silver Birch Ranch. In addition, they have the opportunity to be involved in at least one outside practical ministry such as local youth groups, Silver Birch Ranch’s Kids’ Club, or neighbor assistance programs.

Nicolet Bible Institute operates on the 100 acre campus of Silver Birch Ranch located near White Lake, Wisconsin. Dorm facilities consist of several two to four occupant rooms surrounding a common living area and bathroom. Classroom, library, and computer facilities are located in a common student center.


Typical Weekly Schedule

Sunday - Off
Monday - Service Day*
Tuesday - Classes
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Classes & Evening Chapel
Friday - Class & Service Day*
Saturday - Service Day*

* On Service Days, the students will serve in various capacities both at Silver Birch Ranch and in the surrounding communities. This may include maintenance, cleaning facilities, washing dishes, construction, sharing with retreat groups, or working at the office, stables, Canteen, etc.

Additionally, each student is required to be involved in an outside practical ministry. There are a variety of options for outside ministry at NBI. This time is not included in the Service Day schedule.

We consider all of these work opportunities to be a vital part of the Nicolet Bible Institute program.