Nicolet Bible Institute


Program Details

All students work through the standard program and complete all classes listed in the next section. Nicolet Bible Institute does not grant advanced standing to any students for prior education and/or training.

Students will receive a letter grade on a traditional 4.0 grading scale in most classes. Grades will be issued at the completion of each semester, or twice each school year. Successful completion of the program requires a passing grade in every class offered, and an overall grade point average of not less than 1.50.

Attendance of classes is critical to academic success. Nicolet Bible Institute requires attendance at all class sessions. Excused absences must be obtained from the Dean of Student Development, and students will be responsible for all missed class work and assignments. Each unexcused absence after the first will result in the loss of one letter grade for that course. Tardiness is defined as being more than 15 minutes late for class. Two incidents of tardiness will result in one unexcused absence on the student’s record.

Students who are not making satisfactory progress towards completion of the program (as evidenced by class performance or poor attendance) may be put on academic probation or dismissed from the program at the discretion of the Dean of Student Development. Academic probation will last for a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of one semester before being re-evaluated. Students will receive at least one documented warning before action is taken. Dismissed students must reapply for admission into Nicolet Bible Institute, and may do so no earlier than the following school year.

Each credit hour at Nicolet Bible Institute represents at least 15 hours of classroom instruction and up to 30 hours of outside class work.