M.A.P (Missionary Aviation Program) is a joint venture with NBI and SMAT (School of Missionary Aviation Technology). Together, we offer you an opportunity to investigate if God is calling you to a career in Missionary Aviation, and if so, walk with you step by step to realize that goal.


Program Details

Year 1
- Become a Disciple of Christ - Own your faith, learn to serve
- NBI Bible Certificate
- Pre-Private Self-Study Course

Year 2 (SMAT)
Accelerated FAA certified Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) Mechanics Course

Year 3 (SMAT) - Flight Training
- Private pilot through commercial certificate with instrument rating
- Single-engine HP endorsement
- Tailwheel endorsement

Year 4
- Pass your technical evaluation
- Continue flight proficiency
- Field prep courses in: Personal spiritual intimacy, Leadership, EMS, Construction, Maintenance, and Cross-Cultural Ministry
- Explore/select a sending organization


M.A.P. Costs

In addition to the NBI fees, those enrolled in MAP will pay $250 for the Pre-Private Self Study Course. This price includes all texts and flight time. Costs for years two and three at SMAT can be found at www.smat-aviation.org



Troy Beaber has been a pilot since 2009, and the head carpenter of Nicolet Bible Institute/SBR since 2003. Troy’s interest in mission aviation began in 2000 when he took a MAF flight into a remote village in the Amazon rain forest in Venezuela to build a church, and that interest continued to grow with his subsequent flights there and to other remote areas for mission trips. After experiencing the difficult and often hard to see road to becoming a missionary pilot, he decided to put a path together with the partnership of another like-minded organization. The focus of this path is both to provide the best whole life discipleship and flight/ A&P training possible, and to keep the time and financial investment to a minimum. Troy has also started and runs an “Introduction to Mission Aviation” summer camp for high school-aged young people who have an interest in aviation and a heart toward serving Christ on the mission field.

Troy, and his wife Jana, have three boys: Tate, Seth, and Wyat. They live in Lily, Wisconsin.